Our Story

Where there is love , there is a wish

As children, we were brimming with wonder about the world around us.
Every look was as magical as if a wish had come true. The Baking Genie
wishes to mingle these flavours of love and innocence to recreate
amazement with a spread of savoury cakes.

An innovative baking shop with online delivery being the cherry on
the cake. Our sheer commitment to baking rich cakes dusted with high
standards of quality, service and delivery From cakes that turn a mundane
moment into a celebration to those that are delivered at the right moment
of midnight, the Baking Genie believes that surprises should not wait
for the clock.With a delicious range of vegetarian cakes in over 40
irresistible flavours, it is all about wishes coming true.


Why Us

Baking wishes with every layer

The Baking Genie is all about wishes coming true. That’s why it blends unique flavours into exquisitely designed cakes for a wonder that is to be relished forever.

Layered Cake
  1. Location Delivering anywhere in Pune till midnight
  2. Anywhere Anytime Delivery Delivering withing two hours
  3. 100% Vegetarian 100 % Vegetarian
  4. More Flavours More than 40 flavours
  5. Gifting and Celebration Gifting and adding bliss, magic & excitementto the celebration
  6. International Standardization Baked in kitchens that match HACCP International Standardization

Give in to the craving of wishes

From gentle kneading of dreams and brisk mixing of imaginations to plentiful soaking of thoughts, cakes at the Baking Genie are worth the wonder of a child hidden inside all of us. It is born from the awe and amazement that spills out of every slice and casts a magical spell on your taste buds. Be it at the stroke of a secretly planned midnight surprise or spontaneous celebration that bursts with love, you are spoilt for choice with over 40 flavours in 100 % vegetarian cakes. With a well connected network that ensures delivery till midnight, the Baking Genie is your invitation to a magical wonderland.